Ghanaian headmaster allegedly in viral sex video with a student speak after a year

The Ghanaian dean in the viral sex video who talked in a meeting, unveiled that the Senior Secondary School student was his sweetheart and she was not t 16 years of age as revealed by the media at the season of the episode.
"I was a headteacher for a basic school and I was in a relationship with a girl who wasn’t my student.

She was in her third year in secondary school and was not 16 years as circulated because as of 2016, she was eligible to vote”, he disclosed.
On how the video got leaked, Mr Robert Seppey who was dismissed from Ghana Education Service (GES) on February 23rd 2018 for sexual misconduct, said;
"The memory chip belonged to Priscilla and she wasn’t aware the video was still on it.
“Her brother requested to use the card and that was where he saw the video and showed it to his friends.
“This resulted in me being blackmailed by one of his friends and when I failed to heed to his request, he shared the video”.
Here is the video

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