Kajuru killings: Fulani coalition confirms death of 131, demands justice

 Kajuru killings: Fulani alliance affirms passing of 131, requests equity.

An alliance of Fulani associations on Friday said it recorded the killing of 131 Fulani pastoralists in a few pieces of Kajuru Neighborhood Government Territory of Kaduna State.

Saleh Alhassan, the Secretary General of Miyyetti Allah, for the alliance made this known at a news meeting at the Nigeria Association of Writers (NUJ) Press Center in Kaduna over the supposed annihilation.

Mr Alhassan said the alliance, containing five Fulani bunches in the state, are requesting equity for the people in question.

He recorded individuals from the alliance as the Miyyetti Allah Dairy cattle Raisers Relationship of Nigeria, Mobgal Fulbe Advancement Affiliation, Gan-Allah Fulani Improvement Affiliation and Fulbe Worldwide Improvement Activity, among others.
 Mr  alhassan said the security organizations need to begin the procedure of point by point documentation of the savagery, which he named as decimation.
"The document must include the collation of exhibits and all relevant information, including videos and photographs, to identify the perpetrators of the violence, arrest and prosecute them for genocide".

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