Black Panther Neko ($BPN) Presale, $5000 Reward Meme Contest and Task Whitelist Campaign Relaunched

 We are excited to relaunch the $BPN Whitelist, Presale, and Public Sale. Because the previous whitelist forms were clogged with bots, there were few or no actual donations received during the presale.

Every Event Has Been Rebranded

The new Whitelist will operate on the same terms as the previous one, with the exception that the selection will be done manually to screen out bots; a link to the forms is provided below:

The whitelist form will be open for?—?hours beginning November 26th and will remain open until December 1st, 2021. The 2000 spots will be split between the referral activity (1500 spots) and the meme contest (500 spots), with a total prize pool of $5000.

This time, our presale hard and soft caps have been reduced to 100 and 200 $BNB, respectively, as previously announced.

Airdrop winners will continue to receive one million $BPN, as previously stated, while anyone can participate in the whitelist activity by following the instructions on the forms and filling them out.

The Presale begins at the end of the Event, when the Whitelist goes live from December 2nd to December 6th. Our social media channels will be used to communicate information about the public sale (if necessary).

All events begin and end at 18:30 UTC on the designated days. Here's a link to our Medium post about the meme contest:

Despite his difficulties, Black Panther Neko remains a charitable token. Our sights are still set on organizing charity events throughout Africa. We're still working on NFT-gaming, and we've got our occasional manual burns in place for consistent mooning.

Stay tuned for additional announcements, which will be communicated via our official social channels:

Official Websites: -> -> EN -> Telegram Chat: Telegram Channel -> Twitter: _/

Instagram: @blackpantherneko on Medium:

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